WTS 100 Hecates

As the title says

Hello, how much? And where?

current bid is 4.3 bil. It’s in Dodixie.

I’ll start at 3.5 if your other offer falls through.


I retract my earlier interest, best of luck.


im glad you did. because that offer was hilarious. that was 800 million lower than buy prices haha.

Yeah, if i’m buying something I generally want to ensure I can make a profit, it’s by no means intended to offend when I give you a low ball offer, most people will haggle me back up but you instead decided to insult my interest.

Best of luck o7

Yes I did. Because you insulted me by thinking that offer was even close to worth it. You would be making a profit at buy prices. and at the price you offered me, you would be making massive profit. nice try though. see ya o/

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