WTS 100+ Officer Mods (Cormack's DCU)

Vepas’ Cloak sold

New mods added

Tarei’s Modified Heat Sink added

Mods still available! To the top

Will buy the Cormacks TC - offer 10bn

@Casper24 Sorry, 12b is fair. You can place a 10b buyorder and you will be beaten by current top bidder within 2 hours. It doesn’t make sense to me to sell it for less.

understood :slight_smile: market taxes also are a thing. offer is good for 24hours if you wish, but ty for quick response and best of luck with the sales

Mods still available, new added

New mods added

2x Unit-34343’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier added, Chelm’s membrane sold!

Hakim’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler added

Brynn’s PDS sold

Tarei’s Modified Heat Sink sold, 1x Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb added

8 mods sold. Prices on most mods under 5b reduced by 30%. Some more expensive mods also affected.

Setele’s Modified 100MN Afterburner added, 3 mods sold

Estamels shield boost amp still available

@1LTNORFLEET_Fleet Yessir, 1.6b. Contract to this char?

Yes please @Julius_Dives

@1LTNORFLEET_Fleet Sorry for the delay. Contract is up

Estamel’s Modified Shield Boost Amplifier sold, thank you. Vepas’s Modified Adaptive Invulnerability Field added