WTS "1000 aurum Token"s

Hi guys, back in the game after a long absence. Booted up my account and found 6 of these tokens still there…

anyone interested? Or should i see if customer support can convert them…

Reply with an offer if interested.


Irwin, what do you want for them?

Isk preferably as item value has changed a lot since i last logged in (been around 8 years! Played from 2003 to 2015)… just logged in to find im no longer able to fly my obelisks without paying… and im only allowed to use like 10% of my skills.

One thing im impressed with though was to find my accounts still there… remember ccp promising to never delete accounts but still had my doubts!

Sorry long story short… offers in isk please :slight_smile:

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I’ll be honest I’ve no idea of the worth … but you’ll likely get more selling to collectors than via CCP converting them…

I’ll offer 1 billion for 1 token :slight_smile:

Edit: Just found out conversion rate was 1 aurum to 7 Plex… so I think my offer might be a little low!

Sent you a mail :slight_smile:

I’ll take 1 for whatever your price is. Also eve mail sent.

I would also like one. Please eve mail me your price.

That has always been the case.

Please send me a contract with your price for one unit.

Contract me 1 for whatever you sell each for as well please :slight_smile:

Will also take one

Would like one as well please :grin:

Hi guys, i have just set up the contracts… still got a few left if anyone else is interested. Price is the highest offer i have recieved so far… if any are left at the end of the week i will lower it :slight_smile:

BTW just plexed my account and can finally fly my obelisk again… forgot the fear of ganking until just a few min ago lol!


Congrats on the omega! Have fun with the game and thank you for the addition to my mini collection.

I’d be happy to take one if you still have any :slight_smile:

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