WTS 102m PVP pilot (Hel / Nyx V !)

I might be for sale.
awsl awsl Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)
two set High-grade Crystal
one set mid-grade Crystal
ALL PVP skills. Hel / Nyx V、A/C/M Battleship V、C/G/M cruiser V、 Marauder V、Fleet support V、weapon V /
Docked In Jita,
Positive Wallet.
No Kill Rites,
In NPC Corp.
starting bid 105B B/O:110B

I pay 85b,ok?

Hey are yiy actually selling this char? also i see 23 days have passed is there any change in its skillpoints

After refreshing skillboard

Total Skillpoints: 104,215,102
Unallocated Skillpoints: 379,980
Total Skillpoints: 104,595,082

Note, im not the seller.

is this still for sale

Pls link skill website again if you still wanna sell. :smiley:


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