WTS: 103m SP 2006 Super toon. Slave pods B/O: 95b

(Excaliba) #1


Starting bid: 90b
Buy Out: 95b isk

lowered buyout

Ends Sunday

Located in Amarr
Positive wallet
All CCP rules apply

Key highlights:

  • 2006 Pilot
  • All 4 Carrier books injected and trained to 1-3
  • Fighters V
  • Fighter Hanger Managment V
  • Great gunner skills if you want to use this as a new main!
  • Remap available with 2 Bonus Remaps
  • High-Grade Slave pod and Mid-Grade Slave pod (Both in highsec)

Slave pod

(Excaliba) #2

Buy me this weekend!

(xalongskam) #3


(Excaliba) #4

Thanks will close sun night to top bid or bo

(Excaliba) #5

Buyout lowered

(Excaliba) #6

Closing this tomorrow nighjt

(Excaliba) #7

If no one B/Os at 16:00 its all yours

(Incontinentia MyButtox) #8

91b xD

(xalongskam) #9


(Incontinentia MyButtox) #10


(xalongskam) #11


(Incontinentia MyButtox) #12

93 Billion

(Excaliba) #13

Feel free to send isk and account info and ill start the transfer

(Incontinentia MyButtox) #14

Isk and Account Info Sent

(Excaliba) #15

received, starting transfer

EDIT: We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Excaliba

Will be completed after: 6/11/2018 2:08:00 AM

(Incontinentia MyButtox) #16

Thankyou Pleasure Doing Business

(system) #17

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