WTS 105M SP 2006

I’m for sell
No Killrights
Positive Wallet
NPC Corp
Can fly almost all subcaps
Starting bid at 70B
BO : 85B
Feel free to make an offer. I’m available for transfer.

Can’t view your skills

Can’t view your skills :unicorn:

Can’t view your skills

Sorry, it has been changed.

70b offer

65b I don’t think there can be more

The price of skill extraction will be more than that Thank you

75b BO offer

76b offer

Good Morning :star2:
77b offer for me, ready to pay :dollar: :v:

I imagine that you are, considering this character is worth much more than your bid. I’ll bid 80b and work on putting more ISK together, as I’m sure the price will continue to go up.

than i take the BO for 85b

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Retracting my offer due to wanting to respect the buyout

Offer retracted due to no seller contact or feedback

It’s safe to send the ISK and account name, as he posted a B/O in his OP.

The owner seems to have skill extracted, the post details therefore are incorrect and misleading, dont bother offering. Already flagged it.

This Thread will be closed for now. If anybody allready has transfered Isk, please file a Support Ticket about that.