WTS 105m Subcap focused Pilot!

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #1

I am selling myself, this is what my skills look like:


*Positive wallet (5m), no assets to speak of
*Neural remap available
*Has 2 Jump clones, 1 with +4’s and 1 with +5’s.
*No killrights
*5.0 security status
*Located in Shenda (a 0.5 system)

This pilot can fly alot of things very well. Perfect for both pve and pvp. Has never ben used for pvp purposes by me, so not a great killboard, but that can easely be turned around.

  • Great drone skills, Missile skills, and Gunnery skills.
  • Tanks with both shield and armor well.
  • Can be turned in to a carrier pilot fast (Allready have several key skills trained)
  • has lots of indie skills injected, tho untrained.

I extracted most of his indie skills long ago, but he is currently training up for a Rorqual.

Biding starts at 87b. (1b increments)

B/O: 96b

You can allso contact me in game.

I pay transfer, all CCP rules apply!

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(Dobi Mecata) #2

87 bil

(Maizie Fields) #3

90 bil!

(Gattanera) #4

91 bil!

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #5


Highest current bid is now at 91b by Gattanera.

Im not satisfied with the offers yet, so gona let the auction roll for a bit longer.

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #6

Daily bump!

(MagicSAT) #7

92b offer offer good for 2 1/2 hours from now

(Big Pops) #8


(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #9

Lets keep it to 1b increments plz guys. Daily bump.

(Big Pops) #10


(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #11

Highest bid so far is an ingame bid at 94b!

Going to let the auction contineue to Monday evening, or until someone decides to go for a B/O.

Allso: daily bump.

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #12

Daily bump!

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #13

Action will be closing in 6 hours, Highest bid is 94b recieved ingame.

B/O adjusted to 96b.

Bumping the thread for the last time.

(Big Pops) #14


(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #15

Big Pops offer is accepted. please see ingame mail, Big Pops.

(Big Pops) #16

Mail received, reply sent.

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #17

Please transfer the isk to Nahir01. Allso send me the name of the account you want this char on. Transfer will begin asap.

(Big Pops) #18

Isk and info has been sent to Nahir01 as per eve mail. Info has been sent via evemail to Nahir01

(Ole Grumpy Borrocks) #19

Isk and account name recieved, transfer initiated.

(Big Pops) #20

character recieved. Thanks