[WTS] 106 mil SP Mostly subcap (under 24 hours left)


106 million Sp (404k unallocated SP)

Positive wallet
Located Jita 4-4
No kill rights

Auction finishes on 5th may @ DT

I like the name haha have a few of these myself, I will start you off with 90 bill

Thanks for the opening offer

6 days left bump :slight_smile:

93b offer

94b offer

Daily bump.

daily bump

under 24 hours left

Your offer has won, send the isk and i will start the transfer

no response from buyers so i guess its still on the market.

94 billion


Sending ISK and account info now!

Edit: ISK and account info has been sent.

Please advise on the status of the transfer…

They have taken payment from my paypal for the transfer, and i have petitioned CCP.

Rip me, went away on a 4days week end,

still no reply from ccp

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