WTS 106M SP Subcap, Dread, Supercap, Titan Pilot


NPC corporation, positive sec status, HG amulet pod/docked in NPC lowsec, positive/zero wallet

Not considering offers under 80 billion (the value I could get for extracting him)


90b b/o

80 bil

okay bump but maybe if no good offers

82bil buy out. Can send isk now

82.5b offer

You could get 85b extracting this if you do it smartly.


so whats going on? we got a deal or not?

86b offer

no, sir. just not competitive enough…sry.

got an 88.5b offer from my corp mate a lil while ago. probs just gonna hold out for 90 from someone…so I’ll update post to reflect that. sry.


90b b/o

send isk and mail pls

I will complete it within two hours

Isk sent, email sent

Will be completed after 6/2/2023 11:01:41 AM

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