WTS 108M SP Supercarrier/FAX Pilot

Selling myself.
PW: soh123

-108m SP.
-September 18, 2006 birthday.
-Located in Jita 44.
-Positive wallet.
-NPC Corp.
-No killrights.
-Remap available.
-No additional Jump Clones installed.
-Full slave implants.
-Can perfectly fly Amarr, Caldari, Gallente carrier, FAX, Supercarrier. (racial carriers to 5, capital ships 5, triage 5, burst projector 5, jump cal 5, etc and so on.)
-Max combat drone skills.
-Max armor skills.
-Max shield skills.

Great alt to have. Bidding starts at 100b with 115b buyout.

Nice character, I’d love to buy if I had the isk :confused:

Terms for purchase agreed upon in-game. Sending ISK and account info now…

Isk received transferring shortly.

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