WTS 100m SP - Supercarrier/Fax


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Unclevind (PW: 6554)

+5 sec status
Positive wallet
In NPC corp, check ingame if eveskillboard hasn’t updated yet

Not very focused so I’m not looking for an unreasonable amount of isk, but I won’t sell below extraction value, so consider that the minimum bid.

It has:
JDC5 with good navigation skills
Fighters 5, Heavy/Light/Support 4
Perfect drone supports
T2 Logistics configuration
Cybernetics 5
Lots of subcap skills that some might find useful in addition to a super/fax alt
3 +4 sets, one with 05 turret hardwirings, one with 05 missile hardwirings

Really just needs the carrier skillbook of your choice, perfecting the tank of your choice isn’t a long train.

Please let me know here if you have sent a PM, as I check it very rarely.

b/o 90b if you feel like that

79 bil

sent you an email in game

account details sent in game email along with the isk :slight_smile:

Isk received and transfer initiated :slight_smile:

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