WTS 10m sp focused orca booster

(Concetto LaQualunque) #1


Great name
Perfect orca Boosts + implants
Near to perfect mining drones, yes, excavators ready
All CCP rules apply
positive sec stat and isks
No kill rights
In Hisec station
In NPC corp (coming soon)

Make your offers

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

5.5 bil

(Xanthi White) #3

6.0 bil

(Concetto LaQualunque) #4

Accepting 6bil offer, send isks and account details pls

(Xanthi White) #5

Excellent. Ty. I’m just out atm (grabbing my Ma’s Mothers Day gift like a dutiful son). Will be online later to send.

Thks again.

(Concetto LaQualunque) #6

lol… goooood boy

(Absolute Truth) #7

If the deal falls through, ill give you 7b for the char

(Matthew Ccain) #8

Going for 7.5b

(Concetto LaQualunque) #9

accepted 7,5 b, send isks and account details, sry but businness is businness

(Matthew Ccain) #10

Sorry, bid retracted.

(Beckz Auty) #11

looks like this thread has grinded to a halt ill restart u at 6bn

(Wheelin' Dealin' Dickey) #12

6.5b b/o

(Concetto LaQualunque) #13

Lol ok for the third time: accepting 6,5 b bid, transfer isks and account details. Hoping this is the good one

(Wheelin' Dealin' Dickey) #14

np ill have that sorted in a few minutes

(Beckz Auty) #15

6.75 ibo if it falls thru

(Auty) #16

Confirming i am Beckz Auty and im willing to offer 6.75bn b/o if deal falls thru isk ready now

(Concetto LaQualunque) #17

Deadline is 20.00 eve time, after toon goes to Auty

(Wheelin' Dealin' Dickey) #18

apologies but you may as well, i got asked to work another 2 hours. when i posted i was grabbing my ■■■■ to go home =/

(Absolute Truth) #19

My bid for 7b is still good

(Concetto LaQualunque) #20

I keep my word, so Auty gets toon, pls send isks and account details. For the forth time :joy: