WTS 10MSP VNI/Ishtar/Jackdaw pilot

Good for ratting and small gang PVP. Offer starting at 6bil, B/O 9bil. No killrights, docked in high sec, no clones, positive wallet. I will pay the transfer fee. 2Remaps.

5,5 bill now?

6 bill

6.5 bill

7.5 now

8 bill

8.5 bill


Offer accepted. Plz transfer 9bil to LINKLN HY (note that is an L, make sure u confirm its me before giving the money)

There is no further contact with the 9bil offer. So the character is still avaliable.

Will accept your offer if there is no response from the 9bil offer or higher offers in 6hours. That will be ET 09:16

Just increase my bids to 9 bill buy out. Will contact you in-game soon.

10b now deal´╝č

offer accepted at 9bil for BlackNoire.
sry soso HS but the first come first

ISK and account info sent.

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