WTS 11.4 mil Hauling/Research Char

(Haul Nguyen) #1

Good core skills.

Can fly DST/BR.

10 research slots


Start at 7b.

Wallet is positive, 0 isk when I transfer.

Character is in Jita 4-4 Tribunal, 1 Jump clone in ORE 0.0

No kill rights.

(TxivYawg1) #2

4bil buyout offer

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #3

4.5b isk

(Red Lola) #4


(Haul Nguyen) #5

5.8 and its a deal.

(Red Lola) #6

k deal

isk and info sent

(Red Lola) #7

are you there?

(Haul Nguyen) #8

Yes, I’ll transfer later today.