WTS 11.45mil SP Indy/Miner

No longer needed so time to move him on.


Also has research skills

In Highsec
Positive sec status
Positive wallet

Starting at 6bil will consider B/O offers

5b b/o

6B offer

6,5bil here

7bn offer

Creep it up a bit higher guys, seen lesser toons go for more!

Back to the Top!

Buy Me!

7.5 bill offer valid for 24 hours. Hope that Includes transfer?


Sorry, was without internet all weekend.

Transfer fee will be paid with cash to expedite transfer.

This listing will close Friday at 19:00 EvE Time. Highest bid at that time (Currently at 8bil with First Commander) will receive the character.

is he still up for sale?

Finishing in 1 hour. Current high bid with First Commander!

And that’s a wrap. EvE Mail sent to First Commander.

Sorry, I didn’t notice your email because of something. I’d like to ask if we can trade now.

Sent you an In-Game mail

ISK and account information have been sent.Please confirm

Received and transfer in progress.

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