WTS 11.5m SP, Excellent focused moon goo miner/refiner

Excellent focused Moon Goo Miner.

Exceptional, Rare and Uncommon Moon Ore Processing 5
Reprocessing 5
Mining barge 5
Drones 5
Cyber 5
And more


Positive wallet
Chaven 1.0 location
No kill rights
No clones
NPC Corp - Imperial Shipment
300,000 un-allocated SP
Bonus Remaps:2

BO: 15b
Will of course consider sensible offers

Selling due inactivity.

Reduced BO: 13b ono

What about 7.3b right now?

hi, 8.5b now

Thanks id like to wait a bit longer BO reduced.

ill take it to 10b =)

Thanks for the offer, still looking for a bit longer :slight_smile:


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