WTS Good Miner / Reprocessor / PI (19.9M SP)

Skill Highlight:

  1. Spaceship Command V
  2. Mining Frigate V
  3. Mining Barge V
  4. Exhumers V
  5. Astrogeology V
  6. Deep Core Mining V
  7. Reprocessing V
  8. Reprocessing Efficiency V
  9. Command Center Upgrades V
  10. Interplanetary Consolidation V

Most Ores at 4, missing few skills there

  • Positive Wallet;
  • no Kill Rights;
  • Positive Sec Status (1.9);
  • Currently Sitting in Jita, in an NPC Corp;
  • Neural Remap Available + 2 Bonus;


Starting Bid: 16.5B
Buy Out Hidden
Action Will run without end timer.

In game mail sent.

Offer accepted, waiting isk transfer and account name.

ISK and information sent.

Got Everything, beginning char transfer.

Thanks for purchase :slight_smile:

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