WTS 13.6m SP Mining / PI / Transport Toon


I am up for quick sale.

13.6 Mil SP

Things to take note of;

Exhumers V
Mining Barge V
Mining Drone V
Mining Drove Specialization IV
Reprocessing V
Gallente industrial V
Transport Ships IV
Command Centre Upgrade V
Interplanetary Consolidation V
Industry V
Science V

Decent Trade skills

Plus loads of other skills to decent levels.

Has a set of +3’s and a few other implants.

No JC’s and located in Dodixie.

No kill rights, Positive security status

In NPC Corp

Positive Isk Balance.

1 remap available

PW - 1234

9B BO added

6 bil


Sitting at 6B at the moment

How many days to a Rorqual and to use Excavators?

Can use excavator drones now

To get into a Rorqual is 65 days with optimised remap and current implants.

Or 3.4mil SP so about 9 Skill injectors

Hope that helps

Can you hop in game by chance for a convo?




9B buyout added

Bumpy bump

9 bil B/O. Waiting a answer


9B buyout accepted.

Send isk and account info and I’ll transfer in the next hour or so.


money and acc name was send. Waiting a transfer.

Isk received, Transfer stared.


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