WTS 11,5mio SP Char focused Caldari / Logi

She can fly all caldari Frig ship then Caldari cruiser Recon, Battle Cruiser and the nice Basilisk
From Galente the very nice Hecate and some more ships.
Capital industrial Ship Skillbook are injected only need to learn
amarr freighter Skillbook injected only need to learn 20 days
Cybernetic is V and have the big Clone for best Learn.

Important She have from the Basilisk and Osprey Emergency Response Squad Skin / Combat Medic Section SKIN Aktiv

Also my friends give me your offer
Due to my work, a processing time of 1-2 days is possible

Positiv Wallet
No Killrights
CCP Rules. Accepted

and i have Ask my Mum

Character is not in an NPC corp.

Will be move to npc Corp when iam Back from work

4.5 bil

5B offer

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