WTS 11.6M SP JF Pilot


For sale:

2 jump clones available , 1 in Bairshir ( 1 CA-1 and 1 CA-2 implant) and 1 in Olfeim
Positive wallet, 1 remap available.

Currently in Kamokor.

Open for offers.


Toon sold via in game offer

already sold?

Yes I did, but not received payment yet. So unless you can offer me 10B I will sell it to the in game person

too many useless skill ,i can only accept 8b

Allready got 8B on offer, wouldnt be fair to the other guy, sorry man

Hit the wrong button ;-), character still available for your offer.

Still available, 9B buyout

offer 8.5b

Ill accept, if you transfer the ISK, Ill start the transfer.

are you ingame atm, or a character i can contact for chat ?

sale is confirmed … need to discuss timing :slight_smile:
sent an ingame email to Howard… confirming purchase, but waiting for a character slot to finish biomassing

Reply send :wink:

If this pending deal doesn’t go through please message me in game.

Sorry man, character transfer is initiated

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