WTS 11.8m SP Pilot

Info here http://eveboard.com/pilot/JohnnyB_Kolganov
Remaps 1

Starting at 8.0b


how to remove the password

You at least need to prOve you own this toon by replying to this topic with them

All I have removed the password, there it is possible to just put a password! This is my character created a very long time, at the moment is not used, and no plans in connection with this and the sale!

So you won’t post on this topic with the character being sold to prove you own it?

I do not really understand English, this crown is created for selling characters? I’m selling this character!

i’ll offer 6 b

but you need to post in here with that character so i know you own him

7b offered, but only if you post proof of ownership for this character

will I provide any evidence that you need?

is such a proof fit?

I ask you to close this topic, I created a new theme whose character I sell so that no one has any suspicions that the character is not mine!

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