(Lady Wreck) #1


PVP Pilot

1 Remap Available
Located in HS
No Killrights

Positive wallet.

Price is 77B

(SdeeeL) #2

65b :slight_smile:

(Lady Wreck) #3

daily bump

(Nolegs) #4

Eveboard doesn’t work anymore, And you also need to confirm with the character listed that it is actually for sale.

(Brock Khans) #5


(Lady Wreck) #6

Thanks! link updated, still sale

(MagicSAT) #7

77b offer

(Lady Wreck) #8

ready for transfer

(MagicSAT) #9

just noticed character is still in corp of ‘’ Wreck Holder’’ part of Wreck Alliance… which this toon is CEO of a 2 member corp so wouldnt role 24 hour window take into effect?.. I am retracting my bid

(SdeeeL) #10

as i said in our conversation today im ready to pay 77b if you still availble.
im available from downtime to 22 et send me a mail when your ready.

(Lady Wreck) #11

mail sent

(Alex Drakonov) #12

I’ll buy it if it’s still available, let me know

Also, I think you’re required to confirm in this threat with the character being sold that it is in fact being sold.

(Lady Wreck) #13

created a new topic, this is created incorrectly :flushed:

(system) #14

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