WTS 11 M Skill Point Cyno Alt Prospect pilot recon cyno V

Hi All I am
Slash Umid

I am a Cyno char, I can mine gas in prospect and many other things I also carry recon ships
thanks, make your offers
In Jita
In NPC Corp
Positive wallet
Positive Standings

5 b

but absolutely not the auction and active make your offers

report pls Boom 777

3 bill

@Slash_Umid 3.5b

4.5 bil

6 bil

6.5 bil

Bump !!

7 bil

Bump !!

If agreed, I will pay ISK

ok send isk and nome accaunt

the auction is still active until i receive the money

isk and account name sent.

Transferring to…
Will be completed after 12/28/2022 7:36:56 PM

thx bye bye fly safe

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