WTS 11 mil sp renamable character, 2009 - starter corp - carrier skills injected


11,271,044 SP
550,000 Unallocated SP
2009 date of birth
Never left starter corporation (CAS)
character has been transferred once before, if you care about that stuff.
Clean kb
3 bonus remaps
Located in Hek
Positive isk balance
No kill rights
No skins
Character can be named if you make an support ticket
I will pay for transfer

Obviously a project still. Listening to offers

Can CCP confirm renameable?

7 bill

7.5b bid

8b did?

10 b for 24 hours. Please confirm bid at your earliest convenience

Are you no longer selling this toon?

Eve mail me if you decide to check the sale that you posted. Otherwise, I’m finished with this.

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