WTS 110 million SP Perfect Molok Pilot - reduced starting/reserved bid


I am selling my Titan, Dreadnought alt.

She has all lvl 5 skills for the Avatar, Ragnarok, and Naglfar(also capital long and short range spec)–>Molok Beast.

She has a high grade slave set, and a mid grade snake set, +5 learning head.

She is decent with command skills–>command ships lvl 5.

She can also fly subcap ships, so you can go on fleets while you are gathering money for your titan :wink:

Skins, mostly for capitals:

Starting Bid: 100 bil
Buyout: Surprise me!

Fly safe :sunglasses:




I like your offer Karl!
Let me wait till tomorrow downtime :slightly_smiling_face:
It is yours if there is no higher bid :wink:

Karl Binchiette Your 120 billion buyout is accepted. Send me the isk and account info and I will start the transfer tonight after work.

Isk and acount info sent,


Can you please resend the evemail where to transfer?
I had an accident when i was deleting :relaxed:

I resent the mail.

Transfer started!

Character Name: Mademoiselle Nikolaevna

Will be completed after: 5/12/2018 12:55:17 PM

Sorry for the complication!

Transfer is complete!

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