WTS 112.9 ml sp sub-cap pilot


Caldari/Gallente/Minmater Battlecruiser V
Logistic Cruisers V
Black Ops IV
Reckon Ships V

Heavy Missile Specialization V
Guided Missile Precision V
Cruise Missiles V

Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Fuel Conservation V

Strong scanning and fleet support skills

Security status 5
Wallet empty
Location: high sec
npc corp
No kill rights

Starting bid: 80 bil

80 bil


87 bil

That’s much better. 87 suits me. Please send isk and acc info via eve mail

Could you give me eta when you can send isk?

if he didn’t reply
i will offer 87b

ok, I will come back in two hours and check

will be home in 4 hours…

isk and info sent

__ nvm

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