WTS 112M sp pilot [SOLD]

(Leoline) #1


Positive wallet, soon to be positive sec status!

Cap ships 5, fleet command 5.

Full set of HG slaves

Bidding will go to Tuesday the 15th Highest bidder wins!

Starting bid 95 Billion

(Leoline) #2


(Lust Coach) #3

I will pay for this 96B

can this character could use gila?

(Lust Coach) #4

if he can use gila.I will pay 10B

(Zahodoom Raholan) #5

97b isk. No remaps is very bad.

(Leoline) #6

Yes the character can use a Gila

(Leoline) #7


(Leoline) #8

Lust coach you still interested for 100B?

(Zahodoom Raholan) #9

my offer 97b still valid

(Leoline) #10

I’ll take the 97B since he is not responding send isk and info to Leoline please

(Zahodoom Raholan) #11

Ok. will it be the transfer for plex or cc?

(Zahodoom Raholan) #12

97b isk sent. Account details for transfer mailed ingame

(Leoline) #13

Isk Recieved character transfer started, thank you for doing business.

(Zahodoom Raholan) #14

Transfer done

(system) closed #15

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