WTS 115mil Subcap + ALL Leadership 5

(Fynnyn) #1

HAC, Recon, Logi, Command ships, Intredictors, ALL Battleships - V
Max PVP booster

Not bad killboard

Remap available

Character has positive wallet, positive sec status, no kill rights, is located in Amarr, and has 2 jump clones I will receive the ISK and pay the transfer fee in accordance with CCP rules.

Starting Bid: 85 Bil
Reserve 100Bil
Buyout: 120Bil

(Maizie Fields) #2


Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

(Fynnyn) #3

thx for bid :metal:

(Ananias Andedare) #4


(Fynnyn) #5

good bid
So close to reserve :tiger:

(Fynnyn) #6

daily bump :fox_face:

(Lucio Otsolen) #7

92 bil

(Fynnyn) #8

yarr, cmon little moar :unicorn:

(Fynnyn) #9

bump! :pig:

(Lucio Otsolen) #10

Can we boost up the thread, please?
Check PMs.

(Fynnyn) #11

BO accepted.

Check PMs.

(Lucio Otsolen) #12

Preparing ISK.

(Lucio Otsolen) #13

ISK and account name sent.

(Fynnyn) #14


(Lucio Otsolen) #15

Check petition status please.

(Fynnyn) #16

You offered me 95 through Ig-mail.
But you sent only 92.

Your 92billion I returned you back yesterday and gave you an explanation also in the mail.

We will do surprised faces or will we make a deal?

(Lucio Otsolen) #17

Sorry, my fault.
Sent you ISK again. Please, confirm character transfer.

(Fynnyn) #18

Np m8
If u sent 95bill, I will transfer the char in 12 hrs (at work atm, can’t check wallet ingame)

(Lucio Otsolen) #19

For your information, you can use mobile EVE Online app or API using account credentials. And gate.eveonline.com for checking in-game mails.

(Fynnyn) #20

Fly dangerous! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: