WTS 117m SP toon



  • Amarr / Gallente Carrier V, T2 Triage, capital skills to IV or higher - feed triage carriers 24/7!
  • Command Ships V & Specialist Command Skills to IV - pretend to be a fleet commander
  • Perfect Probing Skills (plus virtue clone!) - abduct aliens for rigorous inspection protocols
  • Caldari Offensive Systems IV - I lost a tengu and ragequit the game, so you’ll have to train that one back to V at some point.
  • Gas Cloud Harvesting V - useful for when someone is talking just that much ■■■■.

In Hisec:

  • Clean Clone
  • MG Virtues with Omega + AQ-710, AR-810, AC-905, EY-1005
  • +5 set
  • MG Amulet w/ Omega & RA-703, MC-803, NC-903, HG-1005
  • MG Snakes (no Omega)
    In Nullsec:
  • Perc/Will +5s + 3% PG (NULLSEC)

Mandatory things:

  • Character is located in Jita 4-4, where all things can be found for sale
  • Character has a positive ISK balance
  • Character has no assets other than capsules, shuttles and safety wraps. I have no idea what’s inside.
  • Character has no kill rights

Open to offers.



85bil me offer
As you want?

95 Bill


100b if this character is still for sale.

I’ll go 101.

Retracted, bought a different toon

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