With this character…,

You can go mining in the Hulk on weekdays and fly the Thanatos/Nyx, Moros, Phoenix, or Kronos on weekends. You can also fly Anshar.

If you want to get serious about mining, you can spend the unallocated SP and train for the Rorqual. The Booster skills still need to be trained for the Rorqual, which will add about 8 months without implants.

For Nyx, you might want to train Heavy/Support fighters. All required skills are already trained, so you just need to buy the skill books and wait an hour or two.

Captain Turner Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in HS
Pos sec status (5.0)
In NPC corp (the change not updated in the links, please check in-game)

Start at 100 BIL


FYI. The decision will be made within the next 21 hours. Thx.


102 bil offer


105 bil offer


107 bil offer

@Bismuth_Aldent Offer Accepted. Please send isk and info.
BTW, the toon comes with about 300K in RP points if you ever want to use it.

Will never say no to that :slight_smile:

Isk and account info sent.
Thank you.

isk received
initiating the transfer (I never done this before so give me few min please)

No problem. Ready for transfer.

The transfer has been executed

Screenshot 2024-05-29 170859

Please take good care of him. Now I am going to go cry.

I hope you wipe your tears with isk shaped tissues. Thank you for the character. Will take good care of him.

Character transfer recieved.