WTS 11m SP Basilisk Pilot(Incursions)


Positive sec status, positive wallet, no killrights. Neural remap available, 2 bonus remaps available.

B/O: 11.5b


  • High-grade Halo Alpha
  • High-grade Halo Beta
  • High-grade Halo Gamma
  • High-grade Halo Delta
  • High-grade Halo Epsilon
  • High-grade Halo Omega
  • Zainou ‘Gypsy’ Signature Analysis SA-703
  • Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link
  • Black Market ‘Valdimar’ Repair Drone Operation DR-903


  • Shield Emission Systems 5
  • Capacitor Emission Systems 5
  • Logistics Cruisers 5
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Light Drone Operation 5
  • Repair Drone Operation 5

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still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale

i will try to pay 6b for it

7.5 Bil
If you have a clone with two or more 5 points implants, can give you 250kk more.

The bid bid may be retracted today/tomorrow. I looking for 2 chars, and will take first two answering.
Thank you


OK 8 bil at most. i pay 8b

mayBe it is not for sale today? :rofl:

I was waiting for other offers but if you’re still interested, i’ll accept your offer @snowy_yang. Send isk and account name to transfer to to this toon.

isk sent and i send you an eve email about my account name by my another character which name is rainny yang

Transfer initiated.

Dear xxxxxxx

You have chosen to transfer the character Narjon to the account named xxxxxxxx.

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