WTS 12.1m cyno 5 , falcon/onyx/tengu

Can fly falcon/onyx/tengu with covert cyno
Currently training towards revelation

no killboard

Located in hi-sec, no kill rights, 2 remaps available.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/szig_khanid password: 1337

Caldari Cruiser 5
Cynosural Field Theory 5
Propulsion Jamming 5
Cloaking 4
Advanced Weapon upgrades 5 (training towards rev, extractable SP with some other skills if you wish)

Interested in offers, will pay transfer money

6.5 Bil

thanks for the offers, would like to see 7b but will take your offer if no others bid in 2days time

final bump before accepting tomorrow

offer 6.6bill

7 billion - updated offer.

7.5b - Offer

8 bil offer

accepting 8b, sending you ingame mail


Isk and a/c details sent :slight_smile:

Cheers m8

isk recieved and character transfer started and payed for, let me know once you’ve recieved!

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