WTS 12.1m SP Tengu/Covert Ops/Command Destroyers Pilot

(DsnAke) #1


Unallocated SP:445,483

Caldari Cruiser LV5
Caldari Destroyer Lv5
Amarr Frigate lv5
Spaceship Command lv5
Caldari Strategic Cruiser lv4
Covert Ops lv4
Heavy Missile Specialization lv4
Small Pulse Laser Specialization lv4
Advanced Spaceship Command lv4

Starting bid at 9b.

(XShadow4X Coors) #2

9b offer online now

(Absolute Truth) #3

9.25b offered

(XShadow4X Coors) #4

9.5b offer on the table

(DsnAke) #5

The price is too low
B/O - 12 Billion ISK

(DsnAke) #6


(DsnAke) #7

bump up

(Amon Calis) #8


(DsnAke) #9

hi,bro, 11B,it will be urs. I will pay for Transfer Character .

and "Advanced Spaceship Command "skill-book is Expensive.

(bloodraven zaja) #10


(DsnAke) #11

are you online now?

(DsnAke) #12

bro? bro

(bloodraven zaja) #13

Will be on in 30 min…i send you in game msg…answer if my terms are oke with you.

(bloodraven zaja) #14

Pls confirm that his character is still for sale. If so i will pay 11 bil payout. I will be online in 3 hours so i will send isk in that time.

(DsnAke) #15

still for sale ,Im waiting

(DsnAke) #16

still for sale ,Im waiting

(DsnAke) #17

bro? bro

(bloodraven zaja) #18

isk has been transfered.

(DsnAke) #19

wait a moment, 15min i will be home

(DsnAke) #20

I hav got isk,wut account u wanna to Transfer??
Give me your accouunt .