WTS 12.5 Vargur ready pilot

Positive wallet
In Jita 4-4
Sec Status 0.0
Remap available x 3
In NPC Corp
No kill righ

Minmatar bs 5
mining barge 4
exhumers 4
large prorj 5
gas cloud harvesting

min bid: 20b
buyout: make an offer

12Bil B/o


Give me 5-6 hrs

7h later
can you please confirm you want this character?

10Bil Ready in hand

ill take 10b as a bid

I have 11b isk but i dont have empty slot and i can only create new account on the website. Will transfer be succesful in that case? I can’t “activate” account by join

r u still for selling?

Are you still selling?

Looks like you are not selling that char))

Still for sale ?

I offer 7B, if u still selling

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