WTS 12 Year Old Character B/o lowered

By out lowered. I am far from hard up, so I will give it a week from today (12/20/18). If I have no serious offers I will sit on her for half a year and try again.

Confirm I am selling myself. Creation date 12/20/2006. Was used as a corp holding alt since 2007.


No kill rights
Positive Wallet
0.0 Sec Status
Location: Rens
I pay transfer fee (with IRL $s, so should be quick)

b/o 5.5 billion

Will take any offers over 4 seriously.

Confirming you can convo this character in game about sale, though as per rules isk will go to the character for sale.

Daily bump, b/o 6.5 but I will consider all offers over 5.

and bump

bumpity bump

Daily bump

Bump for this character whose 12 birthday just passed.

Last time I am bumping this, then I will sit on her for 6 months to a year.

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