WTS 120M sub focused 2005 character

(Spookyjay) #1

I am for sale.

1mil wallet, 2bill net. +3 sec, located empire. 2 empire Jumpclones installed.

sub cap combat focused but good base skills across the board. excellent base for a main.
currently training jump skills.

  • bids.

(Spookyjay) #2

bump up

(Spookyjay) #3

bump up

(Spookyjay) #4

daily up

(Old Scotsman) #5


(the 5 character minimum post thing so stupid)

(Gattanera) #6


(Big Pops) #7


(Maizie Fields) #8

105 bil

(Perpetualed) #9

109 bil

(Spookyjay) #10

This character is now back up for sale properly.

(system) #11

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