WTS 120mil + SP PvP Main

Looking to sell this toonie as not having time to play eve currently.


142k unallocated SP

Can pull level 4 guristas missions


In NPC Corp
Wallet is positive
Sec status is neg but can travel in all highsec.
1 Remap + 1 bonus remap
Character located in Jita 4-4
No Killrights



Starting Bid: 80Bil
Reserve: 105Bil
Insta Buyout: 120Bil


95 bil

Bumpski. Reserve almost met, But bids havnt got to a level where id be better off not just extracting.

back up to le top

98b. ISK ready just now

Below my reserve, But maybe we can work something out in-game?

100 bil


Since theirs a lot of bidding atm. I will be online in-game for the next 30mins… The reserve is now met.

Well no one convoed me yesterday so ill be online again for a bit. Still taking bids the reserve has been met.

My 100 bil bid is still valid.


Bumpski again

Still for sale B/O set at 120Bil


Ok I accept. Please send isk and mail with acc name will start plex transfer.

isk and acc info sent

Once im back from work will start transfer. Via plex.

Started a GM petition to transfer the character.