WTS Starter PVP Character 12.4m+ SP

Positive Wallet Balance, no major assets, 0.0 Security Standing, POD is sitting in Jita 4-4

12.4m+ sp with 1,098,394 SP unallocated.

Cyno Field Theory V
Min. & Gal. Interceptors and Cov Ops.
Small Hybrid & Projectile Turret V
Med. Hybrid Turret V

Make offers, Buyout 13 B
All other CCP rules apply


Bump, still for sale

Still for sale.

6b isk ready

Ty for offer, it’s a bit low.

Still or sale, looking for more offers.


i can offer 8.5 billions isk

9B ready and waiting

9.5 billions ?

10 Bill

Ty for offers.

I’m looking for something a little closer to the buyout price.

Bump character still for sale

Bump, lowered buyout price from 13.5 -> 13B isk. I am considering all reasonable offers.

offer rejected

@OpaNeo_Virpio I was away from my desk most of today so I didn’t actually see your offer, but thank you for your offer and feel free to contact me if you reconsider.

Bump, still looking to move this toon.

Character still for sale.

Bump, good inty/cov ops alt here. Looking to move this toon this week.

Bump, character still for sale


11 bil

@srawesome I will accept 11 bil as buyout for this character.

Send isk to character being sold & PM account info and I will begin transfer.