WTS 123m Pilot <Sold>

Edit 1: In game bid from Norther Stormrage of 113 Billion ISK is accepted. Standing by for ISK Deposit.


Selling this versatile and highly skilled pilot. This character can fly combat capitals, with very good skills, and can fly most mining ships including Orca. Check out the “Ships Can Fly” link for more.

  1. Wallet balance: positive
  2. Kill rights: none
  3. Jump clones: 1 clone in high sec
  4. Character location: high sec

Bidding starts at 110 billion, buyout 125 billion.

109B offer

In game offer mailed.

110B offers

In game bid of 113 Billion ISK is accepted.

sent isk and acc info.

In game email confirmation is sent.

All sent

ISK received, and character sent to account requested in game. Thanks!

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