WTS 124M pvp toon

Positive wallet
Will be located in highsec
2 jump clone in 0.0
Positive ss
Currently in NPC corp


Starting bid 83b

I will start you off 83b :upside_down_face:

Ty Lian.
Auction will end on friday 18h00 UTC.
If there is no more offer it will be for you.

I would give you 84 b

85b :ok_hand:

Good name and skills.
I like this character.
Can you open standings at eveboard?


Thanks for your comment.
Standing and jump clone are now open.

So HG Crystal clone is not accessible cause you don’t have access to the citadel. Can you arrange moving that clone to normal station? If you can, then my bid will be 87.5 B

Unfortunately, except if you want to join again Goon, this one will be lost.
It would require too much time if I have to ask my previous corp to hire me again etc… just to sell this toon.

I think you can wait some more time for better price. (Normal price is near 110 b. for this toon)
85-100b is price for injectors

Lian Lei, if your offer is still open. The sale is for you at
Thanks for the advice Soloora, however because I said end on friday i will stay on it.

@Lylyth I will send isk and account info as soon as i get home, thank you for accepting my offer :pray:

confirming 85bill isk and account info sent to Lylyth, thanks.

Character transfer has been paid.
Waiting for your confirmation.

Thanks for the trade Lian.

Confirming transfer received :ok_hand:

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