WTS 127m SP Nyx pilot, Dread V nag one hour from Rag


Great Caldari pilot and amazing nyx pilot.
Can fly all kinds of great things including black ops
just needs book to sit in a Ragnarok
T2 guns and siege for Naglfar
Start bid 65bn



[redacted] buyer backed out

Daily Bump

bump once per day… not 10 hours from the last bump

considering last bump was 22 hours ago. and the ten hours ago post was customer interaction if you wanna argue to feel better we can

  1. Bumping is allowed only by the character who started the thread once per calendar day. Friendly or multiple bumps per day are not permitted.

interaction is still considered a bump if the last interaction was from you, less than 24 hours ago…

where in the rules is interaction defined as a bump?
by your definition (lol) every time YOU reply to this post without intention of purchasing the toon its a “friendly bump”

First, who in the world is Geo and why do they care?

Second, i’m in for the 65b.

at this point, if youre ready ill just take the 65 and be done with this whole maddening process

Sure, give me a little bit to get the isk together. But if you need to move stuff off the character you can go ahead and start and i’ll send the isk and account name when it’s ready.

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Sent you the isk and the account name, thanks!

transfer started. enjoy

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