2006 pilot

T2 Heavy Fighters
T2 light fighters
T2 support fighters now
Good drone Skills

Jump cal 5
Gallente Carrier 4

Amarr Dread 4
Gallente Dread 3
Gallente Cruiser 5
Large Energy Turret 5

All CCP rules Apply

30b starting bid
42b b/o

I’ll bid 30b

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thank you for starting us off!

32B, what is your BO?

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33b offer

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Updated. 42b b/o

please tell me how can I find and talk with csp?

Not on my character sale post…

Daily Bump

35B if you accept my offer within 24 hours.

Same as above but 36b

Daily bump

If you can do 40 you have a deal

I need a role like this, and I’m willing to give 37 billion

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Or we can take a middle price

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39b and I can start the transfer tomorrow first thing

38b accepted. Send isk and account name. I will start transfer within 24 hours

38B for me

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Is that a bid?

Seeing as browns star looks to have retracted his offer I accept yours. Send isk and account name. Transfer will begin within 24hours