WTS 127m SP PvP Pilot (Sub-Cap & Cap)


(All CCP rules apply)

Originally purchased this character to be a secondary PvP pilot but then someone quit and gave me an even better one, so this one is just extra. Before I extract the skills I figured i’d give others a chance for it to be purchased.

Caldari Carrier, Amarr Carrier and Minmatar Dreadnought all at level 5 with relevant skills at level 5. If you don’t want to fly a capital ship, you can fly a Tengu, a Raven or maybe hop into a Logistics ship, which are all at level 5 with relevant skills as well.

Great standings and currently has a +5 learning set as well as a cerebral booster plugged in for some skill grinding.

B/O 72b

50 bil

65 bil

I messaged you in game.

The price is accepted in the game, isk and usename sent.

Offer accepted, Isk received, transfer started, have fun!