WTS 128.5M SP (PVP/PVE) Pilot

128.5 Mill SP (PVP/PVE) Pilot - Stoops EVESKILLBOARD

0.37 Positive Security Status

Positive Wallet Balance

No Kill Rights

1 High Grade Snake POD, 2 High Grade Crystal PODS, and a couple lower levels PODS = about 18B Value

Sisters of Eve, Minmatar, and Gallente - Positive Faction Standings

Located in HIGHSEC

110 Buyout

82b offer

I will give you 95 Bill, ready to buy!

Hi, I’m interested. I need to work out the real life cost to isk for the character. At current rates, how many plex would be needed to get the isk to buy this character? Let’s use 100bn isk as an example. I’m not used to buying plex for isk so need some guidance, thanks ( Uk money if possible, but us ok). I’m not suggesting I would pay in real money just need to work out cost. Thanks,

I work out at roughly 22727 plex? Equivalent to 1bn isk so around £800 or $13,00?

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To reach the extraction value of that toon would be roughly 30k plex, which is what most toons are selling for, which is why he’s been offered lower than 100 bil.

30k plex is $1,300 unless you can find some nice plex bundles (that’s just doing the $20 for 500)

With the 1,100 plex bundle, you could get the 30k plex for about $1,120

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