WTS 129/130m SP subcap PvP focused char: C H E S S U R (SOLD, SOLD, SOLD)

(Cnda Adian) #23

Withdrawing my bid, sorry.
As someone who sold all his characters and quit for 5 years only to come back at a different time in his life, I think you will regret your decision to sell your character. But it is your decision to make. Starting from scratch again can be fun in it’s own way at least. (mind you, with skill injectors, it won’t really be “from scratch” lol)
Best of luck in the future. o7

(Elise Randolph) #24

Does it come with any cosmetics?

(Chessur) #25

Guristas, sansha, and the tri suit you see me wearing now. Ohh and I have the SOE gear.

(Yellowstar Smasher) #26

Can you stop assuming everyone wealthier than you is trolling / making fake bid ?

Thank you.

(blazigen) #27

Don’t sell it chessur you will eventually regret it :wink:

(Technodron) #28

@Yellowstar_Smasher this guy is trolling with offers on multiple threads, just ignore him

(Xre Sloracknor) #30

I think it was pretty obvious that Technodron was warning you about another user, not saying you yourself were trolling.

(Yellowstar Smasher) #31

oh, my bay, sorry. Didn’t got it.

(Tharkian) #32

I only have like 4 bil I can scrape together if I selll some ships but you know what I’ll do if you sell to me? I’ll go out and use your character to fly every kind of fit I can get my hands on each time I play eve, I’ve dabbled a bit in some frigate FW and liked it but never jumpe more into it. I’ll fly against the meta and see what sticks, Dual tanked rattles, Hull tanked Leshaks, sentry tristan swarms, I’ll do this and more while staining the Chessur Zkill red with fun.

(Chessur) #33


(Amrastion Tasartir) #34

Do you not accept my bid?

(Bracker Morde) #36

am sorry if this is irrelevant but it really feels bad you are leaving!

(Chamomile Tea) #37


(Dymoxide) #38

I have 200 mill and a promise to never take it mining

(Chessur) #39


(Chessur) #40

Messaged you in game, but yes- your bid is accepted. Still good on your end?

(Chessur) #41


(ISD Yumi) #42

Cleaned up a few posts. Please keep in mind this is a sales post, please don’t troll here!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Chessur) #43


(General Nicolai Carpathia) #44

What is the actual current high bid?