WTS 129/130m SP subcap PvP focused char: C H E S S U R (SOLD, SOLD, SOLD)


Wallet Balance: 0isk

Kill Rights: 0

Jump Clones: 0

Character Location: Amarr

Interesting Skins: IGC Typhoon, Triglavian Victory Skin, all slicer skins, and some Ironblood skins

Starting Bid: 100bil

Edit: Is currently in NPC corp, eveskill hasn’t updated that yet.


110b b/o

115 & a promise to sell it back to you at the same price (+ training value) if you decide to return to the game

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Hit me up in discord. Let’s make a deal

120b isk rdy

  1. Still with the sell-back pledge.

140b b/o
give it to me!


Sellback promise retracted, I’m probably gonna keep it if I pay this much :stuck_out_tongue:

150b bid

155b bid

156b bid

160 bid

165b bid

166b bid

170b bid,

can you stop making fake bids and show your wallets. otherwise im going to report you to ISD.

171b offered

172b bid

173b bid

As I said, I am tired of your fake troll offers.

Here is my wallet.

250b bid.



My post history on the bazaar speaks for itself. That being said, I’m not matching 250. That’s all you.