WTS 129.7 MSP PvP character


  • Positive wallet
  • +4.9 sec status (Almost perfect Marshal pilot w/ Black ops V)
  • 1 Remap available
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita 4-4


  • Mid-grade Crystal w/ scanning/drug hardwirings
  • Mid-grade Virtue set w/ scanning hardwirings
  • +5 set w/ missile hardwirings
  • +5 set w/ scanning hardwirings

B/O 125Bil

Current high bid - 116 Bil

110 billion

116 Bil

Thanks for the bids. On the top of the world…

It’s a long way to the top!

Tennessee flat top box…

Somebody needs to make me an offer I can’t refuse real soon…I am running out of good songs with “Top” in the title.

Sure hope there is Room at the top!

Like the character, I’ll go 114 billion if still available.

I’ll accept, Top Jimmy!.. Enjoy the steal! hehe

Top of the World, to round out the VH set…

Sending ISK and account now!

You have chosen to transfer the character Adria One to the account named *****************.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Enjoy o7

Transfer confirmed. Don’t Stop at the Top !!

Character received, awesome character, truly “investment grade”. In addition to the clones and implants, a very strong standings profile. I’m actually ADDING (trade) skills to this one!

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