WTS 129.7 MSP PvP character

(Adria One) #1


  • Positive wallet
  • +4.9 sec status (Almost perfect Marshal pilot w/ Black ops V)
  • 1 Remap available
  • No kill rights
  • Located in Jita 4-4


  • Mid-grade Crystal w/ scanning/drug hardwirings
  • Mid-grade Virtue set w/ scanning hardwirings
  • +5 set w/ missile hardwirings
  • +5 set w/ scanning hardwirings

B/O 125Bil

Current high bid - 116 Bil

(Maizie Fields) #2

110 billion

(Praxis1452) #3

116 Bil

(Adria One) #4

Thanks for the bids. On the top of the world…

(Adria One) #5

It’s a long way to the top!

(Adria One) #6

Tennessee flat top box…

Somebody needs to make me an offer I can’t refuse real soon…I am running out of good songs with “Top” in the title.

(Adria One) #7

Sure hope there is Room at the top!

(Maizie Fields) #8

Like the character, I’ll go 114 billion if still available.

(Adria One) #9

I’ll accept, Top Jimmy!.. Enjoy the steal! hehe

(Maizie Fields) #10

Top of the World, to round out the VH set…

Sending ISK and account now!

(Adria One) #11

You have chosen to transfer the character Adria One to the account named *****************.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Enjoy o7

(Maizie Fields) #12

Transfer confirmed. Don’t Stop at the Top !!

(Maizie Fields) #13

Character received, awesome character, truly “investment grade”. In addition to the clones and implants, a very strong standings profile. I’m actually ADDING (trade) skills to this one!

(system) #14

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