WTS 12M sp AT ship killer girl

Name is Jennifer Ojainen.
Skillset can be found here
Beautiful and intense looking girl that hunted and killed one of the most ninja-dodging ships in game. link
You can use her just to brag in front of your buds or like one of the perfect tackilng (or fighting) tools.
Solid base skillset + Loki + covert cyno + some core for weapons of your choise.

  • Jita located
  • Positive wallet and no killrights
  • Waiting for you

Starting bid: 8 bil
B\O: 11 bil

bump bump


8B offer

let this girl ‘cook’ for this weekend. if noone else interested - shes yours

so - are you still interested?

7.5 offer

you can see minimal price in the description. no point in offering less

Can do 8 if it’s a cc transfer

what is cc?

credit card/paid for opposed to plex transfer

nope. thanx

OK, best of luck

8bil with transfer fee?

8 bil is price of the character. plus you have to pay ccp transfer expences ofcourse

Seller pays xfer I believe. Interested tho


yes. if we good - you can send isk and account name so i can start char transfer

i mean i guess we cant trade plex so its just same amount in isk

most 10B for her…just mail to this character if u want
The forum stipulates owner of the character being sold is responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee , so 11B is too expensive