WTS 12M SP char - Machariel starter toon

WTS myself.
Birthday: 30/03/2012
Char state:
NPC Corp
No Killrights
2 Bonus remaps
1 active remap
Positive wallet.


Starting bid: 10Bil ISK
B/O: 12B ISK.

I’ll start you off with 8bil

Added 1M skillpoints to character - updated B/O price.


I’ll do 9.5

10b isk ready

Actually ready to pay B/O price right now if you can log in!

still selling?

yes. still selling. just not very active.

12b can be sent right now

b/o is set 13b.

sure can be done

Im waiting for ISK transfer than.

Still on sale.

13B b/o - get nice pve/pvp char today

Im still on sale

Prices Updated.

BO is 12Bil now

Hello, idk if this is allowed, but I sent you an evemail ingame with a skillplan, would you be able to tell me how long it would take this character to finish the skillplan?

10.5b b/o rdy now.
Contact me in-game to proceed.