WTS 13,4MIL All-around Pilot

(Marina Medvedev) #1

Hi all,

Looking to sell this alt character. Specializes in drones and gunnery, but is still a low SP pilot.

Eve board : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Marina_Medvedev


No kill rights.
Character located in Jita - M4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.
Wallet : 416,000 ISK (Total worth being 811,254,586 ISK).
In a NPC Corporation.
No jump clones, no kill rights.
Security status is 0.19.
13,442,415 SP.
2 Remaps allowed.
Has some basic ships.

Starting bid 5b.

Post here or message me IG.

(Marina Medvedev) #2

Updated some info.

(Pia Sweet) #3

5b to start

(Johny Rambo) #4


(Zazzel Blackthorn) #5

8 bil

(Marina Medvedev) #6

BO is situated at 13.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #7

Price agreed in-game.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #8

Sent ISK and account info via in-game mail.

(Marina Medvedev) #9

Character will be transferred soon. As usual, expect it within ten hours.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #10

@Marina_Medvedev no character transfer has been received. If you don’t respond, I’ll be forced to lodge a petition for character scamming.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #11

For general community awareness, this trade was confirmed as a character scam.

(system) #12

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